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Paaandora Sings Again

Since I was in the creative mood, I decided to make some still videos of some anime/jpop songs that I attempted to sing. I do not make any claims to sound good. I just like to sing for fun. DL away!

Song: A Little Pain                                Song: Garnet Moon                                         Song: Salvia
Anime: NANA (ED theme)                   Game: Another Century's Episode              Jpop
Type of Singing: melody                      Type of Singing: melody                                Type of Singing: Harmony
Link: MF                                                   Link: MF                                                            Link: MF

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[Fanvid] Turn Back the Clock (Uchi Tribute)

Hi Hi!

I felt inspired again to make another fanvideo (yeah, finally!). When I heard this old late 80's song by Johnny Hates Jazz, Turn Back the Clock, I immediately thought of Uchi and just had to do this one for him. I think it's a perfect match, with all the fallout of "the incident".

It's my 2nd tribute to Uchi-kun! Comments aren't necessary but will inspire me to do more (hint hint, wink wink)

Click on Uchi giving the OK sign, to DL file in 4:3 ratio (normal screen)

Click on Uchi relaxing, to DL file in 16:9 ratio (wide screen)

Note: edited entry to update links and files 05/22/10
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Daisuke Takahashi Fandom

Long time no post! I'm sorry I haven't posted in eons (seriously), but life is an ever eternal struggle for sanity ^_^. The good news is that after I got laid off in March 2008 (right before my birthday too!), I managed to find another job starting in January 2009 so life is good. Thanks so much to everyone who has sent thank-you notes for what little I've put up on my LJ and for padding my Youtube video comments as well. Makes me happy that people are enjoying them.

Taking a little detour from my Kanjani8 fandom to pimp another awesome guy who just happens to attend Kansai University in Osaka, so that can't be too far off from the boys, ne? If you haven't heard of Daisuke Takahashi, he just happens to be the first Japanese male figure skater to win an Olympic Medal (Bronze) in 2010, Vancouver and in the World's Championship (Gold) earlier in March. (His short program in Vancouver was sizzling! )

What is so amazing was that he overcame a potentially career ending torn ACL injury on his landing leg towards the end of 2008 and managed to fight his way back to the top. His skating programs are full of passion, charisma, and charm and he is also very strong on his jumps and footwork. I mean, how can you not like a guy who loves to shop? Daisuke Takahashi is too cute for his own good.

                                Seriously, it should be a crime for a man to have such long eyelashes like this!


I made some animated gifs of some of his memorable skating moves as well as some cute moments. I'm off to work on a fanvideo just for him! Enjoy!

1. Skating to Hip Hop (2007-08 season)


2. Short Program "Eye" (2009-2010 season) Many many thanks to moon_kaka for the vid! ^_^


3. Waiting for his scores


4. Being his goofy fun-loving self

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Music time: Soundclick Widget

Hi again,

If you've ever visited me on Soundclick, you may also know me as "Zefiris". I've been experimenting lately with embedding video/audio links so here's the widget to the songs I've sung and uploaded on my Soundclick account. They are mostly from anime with a few j-pop songs. Douzo!

Hello out there! Yeah, it's been like forever, but in between getting laid off and finding a new job, I haven't had time to update my Soundclick page in almost 1.5 years (gasp!). Gomen,ne? Anywho, I had to remove my karaoke songs that I sang from Soundclick as it is not allowed, apparently. Oh well. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and listened to me! If I have time, maybe I'll post it here in my LJ instead. I'm just keeping the widget here as a reminder.

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Ohkura Loves His Food

Just had to share this clip of the recent Janiben episode where the boys are eating some sort of roasted meat and poor poor Ohkura, how he wants to eat! (LOL!) If anyone can translate this clip, would be most grateful to know what they are saying. Thankies!

(Just click on the pic and enjoy Ohkura's frustration)
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2007 Oricon Top 100

Nice to see Eito there with 3 songs! Omedetou! (Thanks to cracker jack at jpopsuki for translating!)

01. Sen no Kaze ni Natte - Akikawa Masafumi
02. Flavor Of Life - Utada Hikaru
03. Tsubomi - Kobukuro
04. Love so sweet - Arashi
05. Keep the faith - KAT-TUN
06. Yorokobi no Uta - KAT-TUN
07. Ashita Hareru Kana - Kuwata Keisuke
08. Tabidachi no Uta - Mr.Children
09. Kanfuu Fighting - Kanjani8
10. weeeek - NEWS
11. WINDING ROAD - ayaka x Kobukuro
12. Fake - Mr.Children
13. Hoshi wo Mezashite - NEWS
14. Ultra Music Power - Hey!Say!JUMP
15. Happiness - Arashi
16. Hana no Na - BUMP OF CHICKEN
17. Lovers Again - EXILE
18. Zukkoke Otokomichi - - Kanjani8
20-1. Beautiful World - Utada Hikaru
20-2. Kiss & Cry - Utada Hikaru
21. Eien ni - KinKi Kids
22. It's My Soul - Kanjani8
23. BRAND NEW SONG - KinKi Kids
24. Ai Uta - GReeeeN
25. Mayday - BUMP OF CHICKEN
26. Eien no Tsubasa - B'z
27. We can make it! - Arashi
28. Hey!Say! - Hey!Say!7
29. FREAKY - Koda Kumi
30. Aoku Yasashiku - Kobukuro
31. Shirushi - Mr.Children
32. Kaze no Uta wo kikasete - Kuwata Keisuke
33. DAYBREAK'S BELL - L'Arc~en~Ciel
34. 100mankai no KISS - GLAY
35. Rolling Star - YUI
36. CHE.R.RY - YUI
37. A·i·shi·te·ru no Sign ~Watashitachi no Mirai Yosouzu~ - Dreams Come True
38-1. PEACH - Ai Otsuka
38-2. HEART - Ai Otsuka
39-1. glitter - Ayumi Hamasaki
39-2. fated - - Ayumi Hamasaki
40. Motteke! Sailor Fuku - Aya Hirano, Emiri Katou, Kaori Fukuhara & Aya Endou
41-1. Sei Naru Yoru Ni - Ketsumeishi
41-2. Fuyu Monogatari - Ketsumeishi
42. Ikenai Taiyou - ORANGE RANGE
43. Oshirikajiri-mushi - Oshirikajiri-mushi
44. Bokura no Machi de - KAT-TUN
45. MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM - L'Arc~en~Ciel
46. Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ - Tegomasu
47. Hitori Satsumaro - Mizumori Kaori
48. Baby Don't Cry - Namie Amuro
49. SEVENTH HEAVEN - L'Arc~en~Ciel
50-1. HONEY BEAT - V6
50-2. Boku to Bokura no Ashita - V6
52. Mata Kimi ni Aeru - Ketsumeishi
53-1. Toki no Kakera - EXILE
53-2. 24karats -type EX- - EXILE,Sowelu,DOBERMAN INC
54-1. Tokyo ni mo Attanda - Masaharu Fukuyama
54-2. Muteki no Kimi - Masaharu Fukuyama
55-1. My Generation - YUI
55-2. Understand - YUI
57. LIFE - Mika Nakashima
58. Miso Soup - Tegomasu
59-1. BUT - Koda Kumi
59-2. Aisho - Koda Kumi
60. Sora ga Nakukara - ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI
61. I Believe - EXILE
62. Ai no Uta - Koda Kumi
63. Train – Ketsumeishi
64-1. Summer Dream - Tohoshinki
64-2. Song for you - Tohoshinki
64-3. Love in the Ice – Tohoshinki
65. Hurry Xmas - L'Arc~en~Ciel
66. CHU-LIP - Ai Otsuka
68. Aika (Elegy) - Ken Hirai
69. Lifetime Respect -Onna hen- - RSP
70. Suirenka – Shonannokaze
71. Lovin' Life - FUNKY MONKEY BABYS
72. Link - Porno Graffitti
73. Kokoro - Oda Kazumasa
74-1. Kiyoshi no Soran Bushi - Hikawa Kiyoshi
74-2. Kibo to Iu Na no Saishu Ressha - Hikawa Kiyoshi
75. Osaka LOVER - Dreams Come True
76. Michi - EXILE
77-1. Hoshi no Nai Sekai - Aiko
77-2. Yokogao - Aiko
78. Haru Kaze - Yuzu
79. talkin' 2 myself - Ayumi Hamasaki
80. Climax Jump - AAA DEN-O form
81. Sakurairo - Angela Aki
82. ALONES - Aqua Timez
83-1. Abayo - Hikawa Kiyoshi
83-2. Asagao Nikki - Hikawa Kiyoshi
84. Itoshi no Napolitan - TRIO THE SHAKiiiN
85-1. Sorafune - TOKIO
85-2. do!do!do! - TOKIO
86. Kimi no Suki na Toko - Ken Hirai
87. Ashes.EP - GLAY
88-1. x~Dame~ - Tackey & Tsubasa
88-2. Crazy Rainbow - Tackey & Tsubasa
89. Shiawase - aiko
90. Cry Baby - SEAMO
91. Kodou - GLAY
92. KISS Shite - KOH+
93. Darling - Kuwata Keisuke
94. Koko ni Iru yo feat. Thelma Aoyama - SoulJa
95. Waremokou - Sugimoto Masato
96-1. Jasmine - V6
96-2. Rainbow - V6
97. Akanezora - Remioromen
98. Answer - FLOW
99. SAMURAI - Tackey & Tsubasa
100. LAST ANGEL feat.Tohoshinki - Koda Kumi
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Still in One Piece

If anyone reads this journal, I am happy to report that I am still in one piece. We had a pretty sizeable earthquake (~5-5.6 magnitude) in California last night. It felt like a big jolt and the the ground rolled back and forth for about 10 seconds. Nothing fell and all my family is ok, thank goodness.

First the fires in Southern California and then an earthquake. Hmmm, I hope the name of my journal doesn't have anything to do with that...
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Tokyo Park Friend 2 2007.10.08 - Utahime Cast (Tacchon)

Long time no post! At least I come bearing gifts. ^_^

I love to see entertainers do game shows like this, so here's Tokyo Park Friend 2 with three of the cast members from the J-Drama "Utahime". Get your daily dose of Tacchon. Enjoy!


MF: 001, 002, 003, 004, 005 (~446 MB, AVI)


Please let me know if the links aren't working.

Credit: edward (jpopsuki)